5 Best examples of rebranding campaigns

Still Don’t Understand Why Branding Is Important? Here Are Some Stories About Successful Rebranding

Branding isn’t just about a logo or a catchy slogan!

Branding is  about creating an identity that resonates with people and stands the test of time. If you’ve ever wondered why branding is such a big deal, you’re not alone. To shed some light on its importance, let’s dive into a few stories of successful rebranding that turned companies around and propelled them to new heights. These examples show how a strategic rebrand can revitalize a business, attract new customers, and build lasting loyalty. They took the risk and succeed and so do you!

Starbucks: Transforming the Coffee Culture (2011)

In 2011, Starbucks underwent a successful rebranding effort to address its global expansion and refresh its image. The new logo dropped the text and focused solely on the iconic siren, emphasizing Starbucks as a symbol of coffee culture. The streamlined design aligned with the company’s broader goal of becoming more than a coffeehouse, representing a lifestyle and community. This rebranding contributed to Starbucks’ continued growth and resonance with a global audience.

Old Spice: From Grandpa’s Cologne to Viral Sensation (2010)

Old Spice, a brand associated with older generations, successfully rebranded itself in 2010 with the “Old Spice Guy” campaign. The humorous and viral commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa transformed the brand into a symbol of wit, charm, and modern masculinity. The campaign led to increased sales, brand engagement, and a shift in the perception of Old Spice from outdated to trendy.

Old spice rebranding

Domino’s Pizza: Honest Branding (2009)

In 2009, Domino’s Pizza faced criticism for the quality of its pizza. Rather than avoiding the issue, Domino’s embraced transparency in its rebranding strategy. The company launched the “Oh Yes We Did” campaign, openly acknowledging its past shortcomings and committing to a pizza recipe overhaul. The rebranding included a new logo and a focus on quality ingredients. Domino’s successful repositioning led to improved customer perceptions, increased sales, and a stronger brand image.

Airbnb: A Community-Driven Transformation (2014)

Airbnb underwent a rebranding in 2014 to reflect its evolving identity. The new logo, named the “Bélo,” symbolized the idea of belonging and the sense of community. This rebranding emphasized the human connection at the core of Airbnb’s platform. The company also introduced a more personalized and community-focused website design. The rebranding contributed to Airbnb’s growth by strengthening its association with shared experiences and community-driven travel.

Mastercard: Simplifying Identity for the Digital Age (2016)

In 2016, Mastercard unveiled a simplified version of its iconic logo, removing the word “Mastercard” and retaining only the interlocking circles. This rebranding aimed to adapt to the digital age, where visual recognition is crucial. The simplified design emphasized the brand’s recognition in various contexts, such as mobile payments and digital transactions. The rebranding reinforced Mastercard’s commitment to simplicity and adaptability in the evolving landscape of finance and technology.

Rebranding Neue Galerie Berlin

Rebranding Project: Modernizing the Gallery (logo, CI, and new site development)

In this rebranding project, I created a new logo for the gallery, transforming its visual identity to reflect a more modern and contemporary aesthetic. The new design incorporates sleek lines and a minimalist approach, moving away from the traditional elements of the old logo.

This fresh look not only captures the gallery’s innovative spirit but also appeals to a broader, more diverse audience, enhancing its overall brand presence and engagement.

Are you looking to give your brand a fresh, modern look? As a freelance rebranding consultant, I specialize in transforming brands to better connect with their audience and stand out in the market. From designing sleek new logos to redefining your visual identity, I’m here to help you tell your story in the most compelling way.

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