Digital Communication Strategy Tech Awards Gala

ROLE: Digital strategist


Engage investors to join the Gala


Create a positive image of the startup scene in Berlin


Ensure the success of the event by attracting high-profile attendees and enhancing the company’s reputation.


    • Focused on LinkedIn and Instagram as primary platforms for content dissemination.
    • Utilized these dynamic platforms to showcase visual materials and effectively engage with the target audience.
    • Implemented a well-structured content plan to maximize reach and impact, ensuring the message resonated with the right audience.


  • Crafted a range of visual materials, including captivating images, engaging video interviews, and insightful articles.
  • Developed a comprehensive content posting action plan spanning three months to ensure seamless execution of the strategy.
Digital Communication Strategy Tech Awards Gala
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  • Initial Situation: The event was held annually to recognize and reward the best technical startups, but it needed more visibility and a stronger brand presence to attract high-profile attendees and partners.
  • General Strategy:
    • Developed a tailored communication strategy with dual objectives: cultivating a positive image of Berlin’s startup scene and boosting awareness of the event.
    • Designed the strategy to synergize both objectives, ensuring they supported and amplified each other.
  • Communication Plan:
    • The strategy unfolded over three months leading up to the event date, encompassing three pivotal stages:
      • Stage 1: Partner Introduction:
        • Introduced esteemed partners to the audience, highlighting prominent names to captivate attention and attract potential investors.
        • Emphasized noteworthy partnerships to generate interest and motivate active participation.
      • Stage 2: Celebrating Past Successes:
        • Shared success stories of previous year’s startup winners to inspire and create enthusiasm.
        • Highlighted the accomplishments and journeys of successful startups to motivate future participants.
      • Stage 3: Unveiling This Year’s Innovators:
        • Introduced the innovative startups participating this year as a teaser to build anticipation for the event.
        • Created excitement and intrigue around the fresh faces and groundbreaking ideas featured at the event.


  • Successfully held the event at Berlin’s Red Town Hall, attracting high-profile investors and partners.
  • Significantly increased visibility and engagement, leading to a higher number of attendees and participants.
  • Enhanced the reputation and credibility of the organizing company within the industry.
  • Cultivated a positive image of Berlin’s startup scene, contributing to the city’s growing reputation as a tech hub.
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