Digital branding strategy for Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur gGmbH

ROLE: Creative Brand Strategist


Improve the structure and usability of a database of computer games and create a marketing strategy.


Enhance the user experience and increase engagement with the database.


    • Analysis and Assessment:
      • Conducted a comprehensive review of the existing database, identifying areas for improvement in structure and usability.
      • Analyzed the target audience and their needs to tailor the database enhancements accordingly.
    • Database Restructuring:
      • Proposed a new database structure to improve navigation and accessibility.
      • Implemented a user-friendly interface with intuitive search and filter options to enhance usability.
    • Content Optimization:
      • Ensured all entries in the database were optimized with relevant keywords, descriptions, and metadata to improve searchability.
      • Standardized the presentation of information for consistency and ease of use.
    • Visual and UX Design:
      • Redesigned the user interface to be visually appealing and engaging, aligning with the organization’s branding.
      • Enhanced the overall user experience by simplifying navigation and ensuring responsive design for all devices.
    • Marketing Strategy Development:
      • Developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the database and attract users.
      • Utilized a mix of digital marketing tactics, including social media campaigns, email marketing, and content marketing.
    • Stakeholder Engagement:
      • Engaged with stakeholders to gather feedback and ensure the proposed changes met their needs and expectations.
      • Presented the project to the senate and secured funding for the implementation of the proposed improvements.
Digital branding strategy for Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur gGmbH
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    • Successfully secured funding from the senate for the project’s implementation.
    • Enhanced the usability and accessibility of the database, attracting more users and stakeholders.
    • Increased user engagement and satisfaction with the database.