Brand Strategy for Medical Staff Recruitment Company

ROLE: Creative Brand Strategist / Content Creator

Brand strategy is all about making your company or product stand out and stick in people’s minds. The main goal? To build a strong and lasting impression that keeps customers coming back for more. Think of it as creating a personality for your brand that people can connect with and trust.

Now, how is this different from performance marketing and sales? Well, performance marketing is all about quick wins – getting people to click, sign up, or buy right now. It’s focused on immediate results you can measure. Sales are similar in that they’re about closing the deal and making that sale happen.

Brand marketing, on the other hand, is playing the long game. It’s not just about today’s sales; it’s about creating loyal customers who love your brand and stick with you for the long haul. So while performance marketing and sales are like sprinting, brand marketing is more like running a marathon – it’s about building endurance and staying power.


Create a professional image in the industry


Build brand awareness through a consistent content strategy to increase brand recognition and loyalty.


  • Developed a comprehensive content calendar outlining the production and publication schedule.
  • Employed a pillar content strategy, creating projects with diverse approaches to post informative, entertaining, and professional articles along with branch updates.
  • Utilized a mix of formats, including articles, infographics, videos, and interactive content, all incorporating recognizable corporate identity (CI).
  • Optimized all content for search engines using relevant keywords and meta descriptions to improve visibility.
  • Promoted content on social media platforms.
  • Actively used analytics tools to track content performance, monitoring metrics such as website traffic, social media engagement, and brand mentions.
Content creation services


Employer branding for potential candidates


Build trust among potential employees from abroad, particularly nurses from Asia, to work in Germany.


Created three major content projects:

    1. Facts about German life: Produced content about German culture, food, and lifestyle to raise awareness among potential employees.
    2. Video interviews with current employees: Developed 12 video episodes featuring interviews with current employees discussing their work and integration process. These videos were scheduled monthly and integrated into the content calendar.
    3. Professional opinion and updates 


  • Built sustainable brand strategy
  • Achieved top-10 Google search results for key terms.
  • Developed a respected and influential brand image, leading to successful client acquisition and retention.
  • Won tenders for hosting hybrid conferences for two consecutive years.
  • Increased brand recognition and loyalty through a strategic content plan.
  • Successfully built trust among potential employees, facilitating smoother recruitment processes.
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