It’s all about sharing the right message to your target group with well-fitting content at the right moment.

You need a plan? Got the resources and time let’s work on it! 

My Instagram strategies are designed and hand tailored for businesses that need from only advice to full management of your personal or company needs. 

Together we will create a plan that suits you and your business. Strategies, goals and how to get them into effective measures. MY goal is to understand what is working for you and you can get back to what you love and focus on your core business.

What we will create as your personalised Instagram Strategy will guide you the way – all you need to do is implement it.


  • A program and guide the explains you how to market you and your business to get to your goals. How to connect with your target group and to convert them into paying customers.
  • Personalised goals set to become a successful with your strategy and measure success.
  • A hand tailored strategy sketching what content to post, ideal times, the usage of effective hashtags and how to increase engagement.
  • a list of 30 hand curated and researched hashtags, adapted for your business which will help you to reach a bigger audience of potential customers.
  • A detailed overview of statistics, how to analyse the numbers and convert them, so that you will understand what works and needs to be adapted for better results.
  • Personalized consultation.
  • The development of your personal strategy fits your business and isn’t a magic spell applicable to other businesses. It fits your goals and targets. When the strategy is finished you will get it by email and I will answer any related questions.

Here’s exactly how it works:

  1. We will do onboarding meeting (in person or online) to determine you business goals and marketing needs and understand if we are good to work together.

  2. I will ask you plenty of questions about you and your business. because I do believe it is one of the most important things – to let you do what you really like to do.
  3. We sign out contract and you will get invoice
  4. I will develop strategy for you and you will get PDF with detailed descriptions, tips and advices. 77 hand tailored hashtags included. Curious why 77? I will tell you in person 🙂

You manage your own IG pages but need some guidance and advice

You understand the importance of Instagram marketing and you don’t hire me fully 😉

You need to boost your brand awareness, engagement and of course the most important sales!

I want my Instagram Marketing Strategy