Hello, I’m Kat nice to meet you.

I’m a social media analyst and strategist living in Berlin.

As you followed the white rabbit so far you will have two choices:

Blue pill. Continue reading
A red pill. Curious how deep the rabbit hole goes?

Have you given up your clients, or are you already gathering your task force?

Social distancing leads us to exponentially growing usage of social media.

Our daily escape from house arrest…

BTW I didn’t mention yet that I have been spending 2019 in an Expert position at Facebook marketing Solutions in Berlin or that before I was running Web agency in Kiev. My LinkedIn

Good knowledge of:

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Creators Studio
  • Instagram 
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress (and other CMS)
  • html/css
  • Adobe CS

l’m searching for new opportunities and challenges freelance or Inhouse.

I analyse, adapt fastly to new situations and I think strategically a few milestones ahead. Time to go social.

You know what to do now if you wanna hire my brain, don’t you?

Looking forward to hear from you any time soon.
Greetings from sunny Berlin.

Ps. Have you been curious to push the blue pill too? 😉