AD campaigns in Instagram and Facebook in 2021- Perfectly tailored to reach your audience. Social networks give us very good opportunity to connect with potential clients

My experience on Expert position within Facebook Marketing Solutions gave me solid knowledge of all Facebook settings and possibilities. I can set up the best and efficient Ad campaign.

Yes, I always say and will keep saying, that base of my strategies is ORGANIC growth but reality adds correctives. Ww also need to advertise to bring you to potential clients. So, let’s just do it the best way.

I will set up
and manage high converting
social media ads

Why me?

I am helping small businesses ace social media. I like to work with creatives like myself, and I am proud to be a part of your growth. I know this struggle and I am happy to help you to reach your potential clients.

I have over 15 years of marketing & web creation experience. I have worked for Facebook Marketing Solutions and have as clients very big variety of businesses – from one-man start ups to global companies.

I care about your business results. I am reliable, responsive, experienced – and easy to work with!

What do I offer:

  • Creating your campaign idea, setting goals (Basic)
  • Creating target audiences (Basic)
  • Managing your¬†campaign for improvement & optimisation (Standard & Premium)
  • Lead generation campaign set-up, incl. landing pages and follow-up emails (Premium)

*Fees do not include your ad spend. 

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